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Hey folks, I’ve been getting some correspondence from some people who would like to see me keep this blog going, so I’ve promised myself to do that. I thought I’d get folks up-to-date with why I haven’t been back here in such a long time. First of all, my day job as an environmental engineer with Bock and Clark is cranking and occupies the great majority of my time. At this point in my career, I take great pride in helping a company succeed and grow, by maximizing my skills developed from over 20 years of hands-on experience.

During the evening and weekends, I’ve been keeping myself extra busy with several new projects. The first is my new web hosting blog and community forum at Every website in the world is hosted, so this website is a great place to discuss and critique your web hosting provider! The site has not been easy to get up and running, but seems to be running very smoothly now. It has almost 50 active members as of the time I write this, which is not too bad for being out of the gates for less than a year. I have learned that terms like hosted and hosting are very hard to rank for in Google. As a result, I’ve had no help from the big G getting the word out about this site. I have focused on using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and others. So far, I’m very pleased with the results, despite the numerous hours I have into this project.

Foampix, another side business I started in 2012, has taken a bit of a backseat, although I still get orders trickling in. The big mistake I made when I got this off the ground was limiting myself with the name, product and associated Foampix flash website. It happens to be the first website I ever created and while I’m proud of it, because it is a flash site, it has serious limitations in regards to ranking on any search engines, which has severely limited the business! I have since invested in several alternative domain names and plan to rebrand the business over the coming months. Many people have requested my pictures in different formats such as canvas, metal and different sized printed photos not on foam. As such, I thinks this makes a lot of sense. I have lots of new photographs I have taken, but have been reluctant to print any more inventory in light of the change.

VinsDomains, another side business I started in 2012, has gained some significant legs, earning me an extra 5 digit income a year! This has probably taken most of my extra time, but has begun to pay off in a big way. and many other developed websites are a part of the VinsDomains umbrella, as well as several other developed websites that are generating income, at least as far as the IRS is concerned. I’ve also been very active in both buying and selling domain names, as well as promoting VinsDomains, using various outlets! VinsDomains is also on Twitter and has developed a pretty good following. VinsDomains is also on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and I encourage you to follow me in all these places. I recently published another article as a writer for HybridDomainer you may find interesting, entitled An Interesting Lead Generation Tactic. I hope you enjoy it. Since I’m providing an update here, I might as well mention that I published another dozen plus articles that you can find over there, which I wrote over the last year as well, as well as at VinsDomains Blog.

I have dabbled in some of the new gTLDs and you can see the names that I have invested in so far here. While I won’t buy too many of these new gTLDs, I also won’t sit by and miss the boat this time. Babies born today will not be brought up in a dot com world and extensions to the right of the dot WILL be the next way of the internet. I have already had three different offers for my new gTLD domain names, so perhaps I made some right decisions here.

I got another advertiser today for one of my developed websites, with a three month commitment. Residual income is really a good thing and this is just another reminder of what a great decision I made when I embarked in this part time business! I’ll be developing an affiliate website in the coming weeks associated with Halloween Costumes and I’m pretty excited about that (more to come)! I have over two dozen names in auction this month, all with bids, so I think it will be a record breaking quarter for me again, making it three in a row! In addition, I am proud to announce that I have become a mentor for a Domaining MBA class being offer by Morgan Linton.

I keep getting e-mails and phone calls from other domainers seeking advice, so I guess I have turned a big corner. I’m actually am working on another big domaining project that I cannot disclose at this time. I can say that this may solidify me as a player in this industry and I’m very excited about how things are progressing. I am anticipating providing an announcement this spring, with roll out in early summer. The announcement may be accompanied with a billboard!

On both a personal and a domaining note, I acutally launched a new website this week on one of my new GTLD domain names… I’ll let you check it out and look forward to hearing what you think about it! I appreciate you looking!


Domaining Blog

Domaining Blog

Domaining Blog

I am not a blogger at heart, but since I have learned the majority of what I know from others, I feel compelled to share what I think I know, so that others may also learn and share. I’ve made it a goal to add a post about what I have learned domaining at least once a month, as I know a commitment of anything more than that will likely not happen. Anyway, thanks for visiting and hopefully you’ll find something here worth reading and sharing. If you do learn something new, please utilize the social buttons I have here and share with others, because that is what it is all about. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter @vinsdomainscom or link with me on Linked-In Vincent L. Jacques, P.E.

Buying and Selling Domains is Big Business

Newbies Learn this First! – Don’t get taken by the old appraisal scam!

Newbie Domaining Six Months In

Newbie Domaining Six Months In Continued

Newbie Domaining – One Year In

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Domaining Blog | Domaining Blog | Domaining Blog

Domaining Blog

Domaining Blog


Newbie Domaining – 6 Months In

Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining

Newbie Domaining

Well, after being inspired by Nadia @DomainSushi this past week, regarding her recent post commemorating her lessons learned after two years into newbie domaining, I looked at the calendar and realized that this week marks six months for me, and that I should do the same. Not sure if anyone will read this, since it’s pretty much my first attempt at a blog post of any sorts. Anyway, I feel like I have learned a lot in a short amount of time and that I should share some of that information, as that’s how I got it in the first place.

newbie domaining

For me, it started one night in February, when I realized that I had turned into a complete zombie, by coming home after work every night and playing crazy X-Box games that my kids had got for Christmas. I decided I needed to do something more productive with my time and I instead went on-line to do some surfing. While I had heard of GoDaddy, I never bothered to visit the site to see what they were all about. Once I did, like most folks that have helped make GoDaddy so successful, I jumped in head first without even knowing the least bit about anything I was doing, and had never even heard of the word domaining. Would I jump into a lake if I couldn’t swim? Probably not, but the allure of making money clouded my judgement.

By 2:00 AM, I hand registered my first 25 names, at full price of course, and probably came close to that amount the next night too. By the third evening, however, it dawned on me that I should probably do some research and see what else was out there, and at first I was a little overwhelmed. However, as cream rises to the top, I was quick to find DNForum, which lead me to all kinds of information, and still does. By the end of that week, I had created a Twitter account and started following the people I read about, and followed who they followed. By the end of the month or so, two weeks in, I had accounts with SEDO, Afternic, NameJet, Flippa, Bodis, and others and had created about 50 different bookmarks of various blogs and lists (Rick, Frank, Morgan, Elliot, Shane, Bill, Ron, Michael Cyger, etc.). I joined DNCollege and learned how to create and monetize WordPress websites, although that is still a learning process.

Having been in business for many years, I learned many lessons that are applicable to this business too. One of the most important is to learn from others before you. There is never a need to recreate the wheel, but you need to know the wheel as a baseline before you can move forward. Therefore, shortly after joining DNForum, I posted this thread, “What is the Most Important Lesson You Have Learned Domaining?” within which a lot of great advice was posted. There’s no question, that learning the lessons within that thread as early as I did, saved me a lot of time, money and grief, and allowed me to begin the path of newbie domaining, without believing the hype, without accidentally registering names with typos like I did on the first night and without hand registering crappy names that you can’t give away, and without discounts codes, mind you.

Another early lesson learned the hard way is that there are a lot of scammers and predators out there, looking to take advantage of anybody, especially some newbie domaining. Less than a week after purchasing my first names, I got sucked into this appraisal scam and learned several valuable lessons again. Besides learning to do my homework and never get taken again, I also learned a newbie domaining lesson about patience and respect for other people’s time, when I overreacted to a seasoned domainer after not hearing back from them in less than a 24-hour period for advice about this scam, not that he even owed me a response at all. Of course he did respond and iI felt like a real ass for being such an impatient idiot.

The next lesson I learned is for to anybody out there developing websites, especially WordPress sites. As WordPress becomes more popular, it also attracts potential hackers. Make sure to do your homework on security and keep your plug-ins and themes constantly updated. If you haven’t already, add a backup system to your website immediately that e-mails you your back-up database and information. After having created a dozen websites that were actually generating some revenue, I woke up one morning to find all of them down, each of them having been hacked identically. I couldn’t even get into the admin panel and truly felt violated. Luckily, GoDaddy does daily backups that you have access to for 30-days, which allowed me to get back up and running in no time, but big lessons learned anyway!

Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining

I’ve learned that while this business has it’s ups and downs, all businesses do and that will always be the case, just look at history. However, as I have learned in previous business ventures, whether things are up or down, there are always opportunities to capitalize on the situation. Like Nadia @DomainSushi expressed, be sure to set yourself some goals, so you know where you are going and can figure out how to get there!

Six months in, I’ve spent way more than I have made, although I have already had four domain names sales, which I’m told is a tremendous start and I have several websites generating revenue, including one that has already made me several hundred dollars over the summer. I’m starting to establish a decent portfolio of names and I’m already getting a lot of traffic to my domain website,, as a result of first page Google rankings for a number of keyword strings like “entertainment domain names for sale”, “health related domain names for sale”, “charity domain names for sale” and many others. Not bad for a newbie, although I owe everything to all of the people mentioned herein and numerous others who have put and continue to put good information out there! You know who you are and so do I. I really appreciate all that you do for folks like myself, and someday I’ll prove it by helping you out somehow. I look forward to that and to my next Newbie Domaining post in another six months. Thanks for reading.

Newbie Domaining

Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining | Newbie Domaining
Newbie Domaning


About At Vin’s – A Personal Blog

Personal Blog is a personal blog that I have decided to create after long contemplation. Many of my friends and family have encouraged me to write a book over the years, as I have been fortunate enough to have had a lot of interesting experiences and learn a lot of things, mostly in part to surrounding myself with interesting and knowledgable people (which is another post all together). Anyway, despite everybody doing it, in order to stay with the times, I decided that writing a blog may be a better idea. As I let life change and adapt while time rolls along, as it sees fit, it seems to make better sense to share it as it’s happening. When when it becomes boring, I can periodically reach back and pull up plenty of stories, tales and anecdotes that will surely entertain and hopefully even educate somebody somewhere at sometime reading my personal blog.

personal blog – Me Yesterday

personal blog – Me Today

If you’ve read this much of my personal blog, then it’s probably time for you to learn a little about who I am. Here is a third person perspective:

Vincent L. Jacques is a Professional Engineer in the Environmental Engineering Field, an entrepreneur, business owner, writer, photographer, angler, gardener, wine connoisseur, investor, philatelist, domainer, web-site developer, collector, diver, leader, husband and dad. Vincent has started and sold several different businesses over the years such as Kenyon Environmental Inc., New England Geotech, Alternative Technologies, Kinetic Capital Management and AvoidLines, and has had presence on the internet as early as 1993, when domain names were actually free. Boy, I missed the boat there, although that’s another great story I’ll tell in a future post. I don’t do well with that third party perspective stuff, but I like telling stories. Visit my personal blog often…You’ll be glad you did!

I currently serve as the New England Regional Manager for a large national environmental firm, which occupies approximately 60 hours of my time in any given week. As there are actually 168 hours in any given week, that leaves my plenty of time to do all of the other stuff I do, including this blog. As you’ll learn, I’m big fan of many artists and all kinds of music. One of my favorite songs is from Warren Zevon, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. Life is very short folks and you really are only here for a very small amount of time in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, why are sitting here reading this? Get up, get out and Live! Just kidding. Poke around my personal blog first, then get up and go! Just kidding again.

Besides my personal blog, my latest business launches include FOAMPIX and Vin’s Domains. Both are new and while both are still evolving, they have each already had some great success.

Personal Blog | My Personel Blog | Vin’s Personal Blog | ATVins Personal Blog | Vin Jacques Personal Blog |

Capturing beautiful images and making them available for home decorating is what FOAMPIX® is all about. FOAMPIX® are quality, light weight, easy-to-mount, original wall decor photographs, that are GREAT to look at. FOAMPIX® wall art make great gifts and simply make home decorating easier! Each original FOAMPIX® picture is personally titled and signed. You can visit this site and also learn how to take digital photography. has a wide variety of creative domain names for sale that are perfect for a many different types of businesses, organizations and people. Whether you are taking your business online, starting a new business, launching a new product or starting a new personal blog, we can help.

Instead of playing X-box at night after work, I decided to spend some time on-line in the right places. I was able to learn how to develop my own websites very soon I was using what I had learned and started developing and monetizing some domain names. While I won’t retire anytime soon, I have developed a residual income, which is always a nice thing. Keep in mind, that all of these were created very recently with domain names I bought before I knew what I was doing and are all still being worked-on. Nonetheless, some interesting websites currently managed by Vins Domain’s include the following:

Mixed Drinks Weekly

Mixed Drinks Weekly Now as this site just launched, we hope you will bookmark us and check back often to see the various mixed drinks that you can experiment with on a weekly basis. Our goal is to publish a new article every week featuring a group of mixed drinks or a specific mixed drinks recipe that you can make and help yourself unwind, responsibly of course! A mixed drink is defined as a beverage in which two or more ingredients are mixed, with some containing liquor, creating alcoholic beverages, while others are non-alcoholic.
Interestingly enough, a cocktail is defined as a mixed drink that is typically made with a distilled beverage (i.e. vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila and/or rum) that is mixed with other ingredients. Now, as you may be aware, you can have the same drink in two different places and the drink can actually be quite different. This is because individual bar tenders typically add their own twist to a particular mixed drinks recipe, which causes variations from bartender to bartender and region to region.
There are so many different cocktails in the world and typically contain one or more types of liqueur, juices, fruits, sauces, milk, cream, honey, spices and various other flavorings. As such, it is unlikely that we will ever run out of mixed drinks recipes to share with you all.


Flickin This is one cool website that took a long time to create. This is the internet’s best place to waste time! It includes hundreds of LOL pictures, drawings and other interesting things to occupy your time. Check it out and share it!

Pussy Squeeze

PussySqueeze – A website devote to the love of cats, pussycats that is. Here you will find all kinds of people showing their love for their cats, by posting all kinds of interesting articles about your cat including pussycat care, cat adoption, pussycat rescue, cat breeds, pregnant cats and an abundance of other useful information for you AND your pussycat! This site has an incredible directory of Humane Societies, Animal Shelters, Animal Rescues and other Animal organizations THROUGHOUT the United States. As you browse our site, you will also find interesting links to recommended products from reputable and reliable pussycat loving companies, Being the cat lover that you are, I’m hoping you will assist us in making this the most awesome pussycat website on the internet! Send your pictures now and help us go viral by sharing!

Trout Weekly

Trout Weekly Trout Weekly is new community for anglers who enjoy trout. Trout Weekly has been created for those who have an interest in trout fishing. Whether you are a beginner looking to catch your 1st trout or an experienced angler looking to catch more trout, you’ll want to check this site out! Trout Weekly will strive to post a fresh article every week! Our goal is to provide you with the latest news, proven fishing products and information from experienced trout anglers, so that we all can catch more fish (especially trout).

Underweight A website devoted to educating the masses about being underweight. Hate being lean and thin? I can understand how you would. Everyone thinks you’re unhealthy, it can really affect your self image. Not only that, there are various health problems as a result of being underweight. Underweight is a fairly generic term, which can mean different things to different people, but there can be no denying the fact that being underweight is not a healthy weight range to be at, and something should be done about it.

One Direction

One Direction Love Created this one for my daughter, but it is getting popular. If you haven’t yet heard of the boy band sweeping the world, you obviously do not have a 10-13 year old daughter. Just kidding. In any event, one Direction is quite popular, with 3,350,000 [exact] global monthly searches!!!

Page Rank

PageRankImprovement – Search engines love constancy and that is THE feature they seek in domain names. They believe that a website only becomes trustworthy if it has been around for a long time. Google’s little bots analyze each individual page related to a domain name or website. The quality that ranks the highest is the exact age of the web “page” being evaluated. On the other hand, the age of the domain name is equally important. So, seriously think about purchasing an older domain name if you’re going to begin a new project. Even more seriously, think about rebuilding the old pages that existed long ago. You can get a lot more information on how to rank highly on popular search engines by checking out this site!

Personal Blog | My Personel Blog | Vin’s Personal Blog | ATVins Personal Blog | Vin Jacques Personal Blog |

Okay, I’ve many more websites, buy that’s not what’s this personal blog is about. This personal blog is supposed to be about me. Now that you’ve read all of this and have explored some of my websites, you may have a little taste of what I’m all about. Not really. As can be seen by the pages I’ve created, this personal blog will be mostly about my hobbies, interests, lessons learned and of course close encounters. Would you believe I own a naughty corkscrew collection, baseball card collection, stamp collection and post card collection? Did you know I’m in a wine club, Vino Rosso, meeting at least once per month since 1997? Did you know I’ got to see exactly 150 Grateful Dead concerts back in the day, and I still have the tickets for the next six nights they never got to play? I’m sure you didn’t know I’m a certified PADI scuba diver or that I made a quick $10,000+ last year on Ebay selling “stuff”? Better yet, how about the fact that I’m currently working on a children’s educational app that will ultimately be my very best success story so far? Anyway, lots to say, pass along and share so I better end this one and begin another. I really hope you enjoy this blog and I really do appreciate you stopping by my personal blog, AtVins.

By the way, if you find any of this personal blog interesting, please book mark it or better yet, share it below! Thanks again.

Personal Blog

Personal Blog | My Personel Blog | Vin’s Personal Blog | ATVins Personal Blog | Vin Jacques Personal Blog | My Personal Blog


Domain Names For Sale

Domain Names For Sale
Check out VINSDOMAINS – At VinsDomains, you will find many brandable, memorable and radio-friendly domain names that are good for any business, charity organization, personal blog or other type of website.

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As you will see, there are many categories of

domain names for sale

including the following:

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Domain Names For Sale

As you can see, there are many great domain categories containing plenty of awesome names to choose from. The great majority of domain names available at VinsDomains are dot coms (.com), which is obviously the most popular and sought after top level domain (TLD).

As can be seen in the category list, VinsDomains also present several domain names that have already been developed with websites, such as:

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