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Hey folks, I’ve been getting some correspondence from some people who would like to see me keep this blog going, so I’ve promised myself to do that. I thought I’d get folks up-to-date with why I haven’t been back here in such a long time. First of all, my day job as an environmental engineer with Bock and Clark is cranking and occupies the great majority of my time. At this point in my career, I take great pride in helping a company succeed and grow, by maximizing my skills developed from over 20 years of hands-on experience.

During the evening and weekends, I’ve been keeping myself extra busy with several new projects. The first is my new web hosting blog and community forum at Every website in the world is hosted, so this website is a great place to discuss and critique your web hosting provider! The site has not been easy to get up and running, but seems to be running very smoothly now. It has almost 50 active members as of the time I write this, which is not too bad for being out of the gates for less than a year. I have learned that terms like hosted and hosting are very hard to rank for in Google. As a result, I’ve had no help from the big G getting the word out about this site. I have focused on using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and others. So far, I’m very pleased with the results, despite the numerous hours I have into this project.

Foampix, another side business I started in 2012, has taken a bit of a backseat, although I still get orders trickling in. The big mistake I made when I got this off the ground was limiting myself with the name, product and associated Foampix flash website. It happens to be the first website I ever created and while I’m proud of it, because it is a flash site, it has serious limitations in regards to ranking on any search engines, which has severely limited the business! I have since invested in several alternative domain names and plan to rebrand the business over the coming months. Many people have requested my pictures in different formats such as canvas, metal and different sized printed photos not on foam. As such, I thinks this makes a lot of sense. I have lots of new photographs I have taken, but have been reluctant to print any more inventory in light of the change.

VinsDomains, another side business I started in 2012, has gained some significant legs, earning me an extra 5 digit income a year! This has probably taken most of my extra time, but has begun to pay off in a big way. and many other developed websites are a part of the VinsDomains umbrella, as well as several other developed websites that are generating income, at least as far as the IRS is concerned. I’ve also been very active in both buying and selling domain names, as well as promoting VinsDomains, using various outlets! VinsDomains is also on Twitter and has developed a pretty good following. VinsDomains is also on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and I encourage you to follow me in all these places. I recently published another article as a writer for HybridDomainer you may find interesting, entitled An Interesting Lead Generation Tactic. I hope you enjoy it. Since I’m providing an update here, I might as well mention that I published another dozen plus articles that you can find over there, which I wrote over the last year as well, as well as at VinsDomains Blog.

I have dabbled in some of the new gTLDs and you can see the names that I have invested in so far here. While I won’t buy too many of these new gTLDs, I also won’t sit by and miss the boat this time. Babies born today will not be brought up in a dot com world and extensions to the right of the dot WILL be the next way of the internet. I have already had three different offers for my new gTLD domain names, so perhaps I made some right decisions here.

I got another advertiser today for one of my developed websites, with a three month commitment. Residual income is really a good thing and this is just another reminder of what a great decision I made when I embarked in this part time business! I’ll be developing an affiliate website in the coming weeks associated with Halloween Costumes and I’m pretty excited about that (more to come)! I have over two dozen names in auction this month, all with bids, so I think it will be a record breaking quarter for me again, making it three in a row! In addition, I am proud to announce that I have become a mentor for a Domaining MBA class being offer by Morgan Linton.

I keep getting e-mails and phone calls from other domainers seeking advice, so I guess I have turned a big corner. I’m actually am working on another big domaining project that I cannot disclose at this time. I can say that this may solidify me as a player in this industry and I’m very excited about how things are progressing. I am anticipating providing an announcement this spring, with roll out in early summer. The announcement may be accompanied with a billboard!

On both a personal and a domaining note, I acutally launched a new website this week on one of my new GTLD domain names… I’ll let you check it out and look forward to hearing what you think about it! I appreciate you looking!

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